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Asbestos Board Removal Services in Edinburgh

We specialise in removing asbestos boards from residential to commercial properties in Edinburgh.

Asbestos board removal is a specialised service that involves the identification, removal, repair, and encapsulation of asbestos-containing materials or products in a structure to eliminate the risk of exposure to asbestos fibres.

Edinburgh Asbestos Board Removal Service

The Removal of Asbestos Boards Is Our Specialty

Are you in Edinburgh and looking to remove an asbestos board?

Our company is dedicated to providing safe and efficient asbestos board removal services in Edinburgh.

We possess a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with asbestos, and employ rigorous safety measures to protect our clients and personnel.

Our team of certified professionals possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to handle all forms of asbestos board removal, including insulation and ceiling tiles.

Utilising advanced equipment and adhering to industry-approved protocols, we ensure the safe and proper disposal of all asbestos materials.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to client satisfaction and work closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none and we work closely with our clients to develop a plan that meets their specific needs.

Removing asbestos insulation boards can be a hazardous task and should not be attempted by individuals without professional assistance.

Our team is made up of certified professionals who have been trained and certified in the latest asbestos board removal techniques. We also have the necessary equipment and materials to safely and effectively remove the boards from your property.

We offer the other following services: asbestos removal, asbestos testing, asbestos garage roof replacement, artex removal, asbestos surveys, asbestos water tank removal

Asbestos boards were commonly used in construction as insulation, fireproofing, and soundproofing in buildings built before the 1980s

Asbestos boards are not harmful if they are in good condition and left undisturbed, but if the boards are damaged, or if you are planning to make changes to the building, it is important to have them removed by a professional asbestos abatement company

What is an Asbestos Board?

Asbestos board is a type of board that is made with a mixture of asbestos fibers and other compounds, such as cement.

Asbestos has been used in construction and home improvement projects for many years, but since it can lead to serious health conditions when it is inhaled, it is now generally prohibited.

Asbestos boards are often found in older homes and buildings that were constructed before the 1980s, as it was often used for insulation and weatherproofing. It can also be found in other areas, such as around pipes.

Asbestos boards was once a popular choice for construction and home improvement projects because of its fire-retardant and insulating properties, but the health risks associated with it far outweigh any benefits it may offer.


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Catherine Bray
Catherine Bray
For the removal of my asbestos garage roof, Asbestos Removal Glasgow Ltd. provided fantastic service. swift and effective Would strongly advise!
Dominique Yates
Dominique Yates
The task was swiftly examined and assigned. Waste disposal and asbestos removal were both done in accordance with the rules. The work was completed completely, neatly, and quickly, and all of the workers were pleasant. There was no service I could have asked for better.
Jane Shirley
Jane Shirley
The service has my highest praise. The service was completed promptly and effectively, and we received a rapid response and quotation. I'll stay in touch for future collaboration without a doubt.
Richard Vero
Richard Vero
Thanks to everyone for your assistance, we were able to finish before Christmas as promised.
Ian Roche
Ian Roche
Thank you for being so helpful.
Brian McLaughlin
Brian McLaughlin
Punctual and followed instructions - no concerns
Seamus McGinley
Seamus McGinley
prompt, courteous, and helpful service. Definitely use again.
Lionel Matthews
Lionel Matthews
Pleasant to work with; pleased with the outcome.
Amy Loughlin
Amy Loughlin
My Glasgow home had an asbestos inspection performed, and the service was prompt, pleasant, and educational. An asbestos survey completed in two days has greatly aided my building's construction. Excellent customer service throughout the entire process.
Andrew Hurley
Andrew Hurley
My home underwent an asbestos survey by Asbestos Removal Glasgow Ltd, who also checked the entire property for asbestos. The report was quite effective and returned earlier than anticipated. The office personnel and asbestos assessor were highly competent, and they helped me avoid spending tens of thousands of pounds on a new home!

Health risks of asbestos boards

Asbestos board is one of the most common types of asbestos found in older homes and buildings. If it is disturbed or broken, it can become airborne and lead to serious health issues.

Breathing in asbestos fibers can increase your risk of developing lung disease, such as asbestosis or mesothelioma. Depending on the severity of the exposure, it can take many years for the health problems to appear. Asbestos board removal is a critical task that must be done safely and carefully.

When it is removed and disposed of properly, the risk of asbestos exposure is minimised. If asbestos board is not removed properly and carefully, there is a risk of it becoming airborne, leading to serious health issues.

In most countries, asbestos use is banned now and asbestos removal is mandatory by law if found in buildings, as it poses a great risk to human health if not handled properly.

Areas Covered With Our Edinburgh Asbestos Board Removal Service​

We presently serve the following Edinburgh postcodes: EH1, EH2, EH3, EH4, EH5, EH6, EH7, EH8, EH9, EH10, EH11, EH12, EH13, EH14, EH15, EH16, EH17, EH18, EH19, EH20, EH21, EH22, EH23, EH24, EH25, EH26, EH27, EH28, EH29, EH30, EH31, EH32, EH33, EH34, EH35, EH36, EH37, EH38, EH39, EH40, EH41, EH42, EH43, EH44, EH45, EH46, EH47, EH48, EH49, EH50, EH51, EH52, EH53, EH54, EH55, EH56, EH57, EH58, EH59, EH60, EH61, EH62, EH63, EH64, EH65, EH66, EH67, EH68, EH69, EH70, EH71, EH72, EH73, EH74, EH75, EH76, EH77, EH78, EH79, EH80, EH81, EH82, EH83, EH84, and EH90.

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