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The United Kingdom has thousands of homes and buildings with asbestos materials in them because of their age. Between 1949 and 1999, asbestos was a common chemical found in many of the materials and products used to construct commercial buildings and residential structures. In 1999, however, new UK laws banned the use of asbestos in any of its future building projects. There were a lot of asbestos products used back in the day. Some of them included: – Artex (asbestos textured coatings) – Asbestos Bitumen Sink Pads – Stainless steel sinks had them at their bases. – Asbestos Cement Flue Roof Sheets & Pipes – Found in garages and garden sheds. – Asbestos Flash Pads and Ropes – Used in electrical fuse boxes. – Asbestos Thermoplastic Floor Tiles – Asbestos Fuse Boards – Asbestos Pipe Insulation Do you need a free consultation? Contact us today!

Asbestos Survey Service

There are laws in place that require property owners to prevent people from being exposed to asbestos in their homes or buildings. Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 enforces these laws on “non-domestic premises” only, but the owners of domestic premises still have a civil duty to remove asbestos just the same.


For instance, if you own a communal property where people share beds and flats, then you are legally required to assess various areas of your building for asbestos and record your findings in a register. The areas you must inspect include plant rooms, stairwells, lifts, shared utility rooms, and others.

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CAR regulations come into effect if a domestic premise needs to be demolished or severely refurbished. You will need an Asbestos Refurbishment/Demolition survey done to make sure that none of your contractors suffer any kind of asbestos exposure during the refurbishment or demolition process. The survey will detect if any materials in the building contain asbestos. If it is detected, then an asbestos removal job is performed prior to the demolition or refurbishment.


Do you need to make sure your building is legally compliant with the newest 2012 Asbestos Regulations?

Removed my old & leaking asbestos cement garage roof in a professional, quick and clean manner. Good service
Ian Kiloh
Ian Kiloh
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Tony Wright
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Yama Productions
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Gail Singer
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quick response, friendly and competitive price, 5*
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Toni Allen
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best price i could find for Asbestos removal in Glasgow, very fast and efficient service
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Gordon Lyle
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Needed quick advice and a quote. Very professional and they completed the job the same day. Thanks guys
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eamonn crossan
14:50 24 Sep 19
Highly professional service. guided us through the best steps to remove asbestos from our garage, nice and prompt too, thanks Karen and Jim x
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Karen Kerr
22:20 20 Aug 19

Asbestos Survey Types

We can perform asbestos refurbishment, demolition, and/or management surveys with highly flexible solutions. That way, every survey is customized to satisfy the individual needs of our clients.


You can break these surveys down into two types. You have the asbestos management surveys on one side and the asbestos refurbishment & demolition surveys on the other side. You may need both surveys done in the same building if certain parts of it have no asbestos while other parts do.

The asbestos management survey is when you merely check areas of a building for materials that may contain asbestos. These are areas accessible to people, such as residents, workers, or guests. Samples of the materials in these areas are taken and sent to a laboratory that is accredited by the UKAS. The lab does an analysis of the materials to determine if they have asbestos in them. A comprehensive report is drawn up after the survey is finished. It’ll indicate whether asbestos was identified in the material samples. If certain materials were found to contain asbestos, then recommendations are given as to how to manage and remove them.

Why Asbestos Surveys Are Important

The asbestos refurbishment & demolition survey normally comes after the asbestos management survey. If demolition or major refurbishment is planned because the results of the management survey had found asbestos in materials of the building, then an asbestos refurbishment & demolition survey will do a more comprehensive check on sealed cavities, voids and all other areas.

What to Expect

The client will receive the following after each survey is performed:


  • A fully detailed report that outlines all the materials in the building that contain asbestos and where those materials were located in the building.
  • The asbestos areas will be identified in an asbestos register so that the condition can be monitored closely, and an action plan can be made for dealing with the asbestos-containing materials.
  • Each area with asbestos-containing materials will have an individual risk assessment made for it, followed by recommendations on how to resolve the issue.
  • To help identify the location of the asbestos, drawings and photographs will be provided to map out the materials and areas of the building with the asbestos in them.
  • Recommendations will be provided on how the asbestos-containing materials were treated during the survey and how you should proceed with asbestos inspections on a regular basis in the future.
  • Recommendations will be provided on the best way to maintain and update your asbestos register.
  • A data sheet based on the laboratory analysis of the asbestos-containing material samples will be provided.

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